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Eds Handyman Spokane Wa.

Over 41 Years combined experience as a General Contractor and Handyman

* Painting...Interior & Exterior

* Drywall Repair and Installation

* Fence Repair and Installation

*Windows & Doors

*can do Most Interior and Exterior repairs.

We service all areas of Spokane, Liberty Lake, and North Idaho.. Eds handyman..

All pictures are of jobs that have been done in Spokane, by Ed and Jon LaVasseur

Picture in Spokane 2010. built by Ed and Jon LaVasseur. Eds handyman



the home will have new decks, new railing, new dock and new walking bridge along water to boat house. House was also sandblasted then stain the original cedar siding. Windows went from black to white.

went from old and outdated to beautiful oasis on the river.

Kitchens. Tile. Flooring. 

new PVC Decking. new tongue and groove lid.

NewGlass panel White Aluminum Railing

Sandblasted then Stained cedar siding

Water Slides, rock walls, play house and tree house builds available 

Below is before. All work Done by Eds Handyman

After is Below. Install Slide. All Staircases, Railing and all rock work



Before was painted plywood.

After     tongue and groove pine

We do all kinds of railing. from glass to wood.

custom wood work and staining. 

'Built on Site' Sheds

Any size from Lawnmower home to Exterior man cave size. we can do it all

*Full or Partial Basement Remodeling.

Basement Finishing....Drywall, Hardwood of other flooring,

Framing, Windows, doors, and Egress windows.

Complete Bathroom Remodels. Kitchens. Custom Tile. Hardwood and composite flooring

Complete or partial basement finishing or remodels.

from simple painting to drywall repair...

we do it all.

we do custom tile to fit any need. 

before work

after repairs and drywall

We do Commercial and Residential painting of all kinds 

Left side is before


right side . blue and white paint is after

before to the left           after is below

Kitchen Remodels.

Full House Remodels or Repair

More Remodel pictures further down on page. 

*Concrete & Asphalt Repair...& New Concrete Construction

* Wheelchair Ramps/ Handicap Renovations

* Household Clean-up & Waste Removal

* Driveway Cleaning & Power washing

 Garaage "Face Lifts" /Remodels

Before is to the Left

After is below

cedar siding.

combined with concrete siding

Residential and Commercial

Painting and Finish work

We are Master Painters. We specialize in Interior and Exterior Painting as well as Home Remodeling. 

My Father and I, are also Licenced General Contractors, with a combined 41 years experience in Home Repair.

Wood Pergola's

Any Shape and Any Size to fit any Yard 

Pergola built on South Hill, Spokane. Ed and Jon LaVasseur. Eds Handyman. we can do any custom shape to fit any size yard or spa. 

A Beautiful addition to any

out door space

Elevated Decks of all sizes 

* Retaining Walls & Pavers

Built in Spokane in 2010. by Ed and Jon LaVasseur. built the wall and the pavers, and installed the fence. We do all types of Fencing from metal to wood.  

(All Work, in all Pictures on web site done by

Ed and Jon LaVasseur. Eds Handyman)

most Jobs in Spokane, Hayden Lake, post falls and CDA



Patsy Clark Mansion Spokane, Wa

Picture of Patsy Clark Mansion. Spokane Browns addition  

Patsy Clark Mansion

custom paver system for curb appeal upgrade.

Patsy Clark Mansion...done by Jon and Ed.

Pictures taken of work completed in 2006 by Ed and Jon LaVasseur.

Patsy Clark Mansion Spokane

Walls and Stairs of any Style

Jon and Ed LaVasseur built these two walls in Spokane.

Started project 2005 ended 2nd wall in 2006

Beautiful One of a Kind Landscape's

Spokane, North side Built by Ed, Jon and Eddie LaVasseur in 2005. Picture taken the next summer in 2006

Irrigation Repair and Installation**

Spring Sprinkler Start-up ONLY $40

We Service all Area's From Spokane to Hayden Lake

Spokane, Downtown Spokne, Spokane Valley, Liberty Lake, Spokane South Hill

and the North side of Spokane

Includes: turning on water and adjusting all sprinklers to spray properly

Tree and Shrub Trimming also available

Bathroom repairs and Remodels

Pictures of Bathroom remodel in 2011 in Spokane.

Travertine tile, teek bench. Tile shower and Floor

Before above.........After is Below

small bathroom repairs

or like this one we added a completely new bathroom suite down in the basement. 

Picture to the left is

Before any mantle work was done

plan unfinished mantle

Pictures below are after!

Mantle was taken out. sanded, stained and finished then reinstalled back in its home

Exterior Remodeling

Sanding, staining and all kinds of exterior finishing

Deck builds to simple decking upgrade

Deck with any kind of Railing. you can choose from Metal, aluminum, Wood and Metal together, aluminum with glass. Wood decking to any style of new age PVC Decking. Looks like wood but will last 3 times as long.

House painting Interior and Exterior

Everything from simple paint to complete paint tear down and sanding.

           Hayden Lake Idaho. all work done by Jon and Ed LaVasseur                                                         

Before is to the left...

After is Below

Hayden Lake

New Retaining walls, New real rock steps, new flagstone walkway set in concrete


old brick walkway with wood steps


After is a flagstone walkway with concrete.

with a beautiful sunken fire pit. 

Above is before...

to the Right is after

To the Left is Before

Below is after. 

We do everything from decks to retaining walls. we also do iron fence and iron deck railings.

Before below..........................After below

Before is above and Below is after

Fence and Gate made by Jon LaVasseur

New Deck Design and Installation

...or Deck Repair 

Deck built in 2010 by Ed and Jon LaVasseur in Spokane

 Deck built in summer of 2010

Project in Spokane Wa. project included two new decks. upper and lower decks. new siding on house

Concrete siding for the majority of the house, and wood siding on the outer edges.

Project built by Ed and Jon LaVasseur in spokane Wa.

Your Free Estimate is only a phone call away

call Ed. or Jon


After built in summer 2011

Built byEd and Jon LaVasseur summer 2011

Ed's Handyman.

Ed 509-710-7969 Father

Jon 509-951-9236 Son

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